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Behavior Analyst I

Behavior Analyst I

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelor's of Arts or Science degree or either:

Twelve semester units in applied behavior analysis or in a program of study.



        At least 18 years of age.


Use of computers and application software.


Implements intervention with the child. 

Inputs data in data book.

Summarize data for weekly staff meetings and report information.

Demonstrate intervention skills at weekly staff meetings.

Assist with the implementation of instruction in accordance with a specific student's IEP/IFSP, in cooperation with a supervising teacher, using effective strategies for academic and behavioral success. 

Assume other 1:1 responsibilities and/or Teaching Assistant responsibilities in the absence of the student to whom the Aide is assigned. 

Maintain positive communication and a professional demeanor with colleagues, students, parents/guardians, and administrators. 

Complete instructional-related duties as assigned by supervising teachers and administrators. 

Implement behavioral protocols/assignments for students during instructional and non-instructional times. 

Utilize instructional and non-instructional times in a professional manner in keeping with administrative guidelines. 

Successfully complete training and/or college coursework as required by administration. 

Participate in and contribute to in-service training and staff meetings in a professional and collegial manner. 

Provide support for and participation in curricular and extra-curricular activities that support student-life and promote a positive school experience. 

Assist with the implementation of technology in instructional design and delivery in accordance with supervising teacher's directions. 

Maintain confidentiality of students. 

Other duties as assigned.


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