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Behavior Analyst Supervisor I

Behavior Analyst Supervisor I

Minimum Qualifications


Bachelors or Master's degree in related field 

 and eligible for BCBA or BCABA certification.


2-years experience working with the developmentally disabled or children with behavior disorders


Theoretical understanding and philosophical appreciation for behavioral intervention in a clinical setting.


Monitor BA-I and BA-II progress, training, and interaction with the child.

Monitor data collection process and data book.

Provide feedback to BA-I and BA-II regarding implementation of intervention.

Provides feedback to BA-I and BA-II regarding data collection and data book entries.

Participate in administrative responsibilities per the Clinical Supervisor.

Implements direct intervention with the child.

Report all information to BAS-II, BAS-III, and Executive Director.

Trains BA-I and BA-II.

Maintain confidentiality regarding the child and the family.

Responds in a professional manner at all times.

Oversee individual clinical teams for each child they are assigned.

Provide programming, design data collection, and conduct behavior analysis.

Train staff.

Submit Behavior Management Plan proposals.

Develop and write progress reports.

Develop and write IFSP/IEP goals and objectives.

Establish and maintain positive relations with family members.

Establish and maintain positive relations with school staff and IFSP/IEP team members.

Attend IFSP/IEP meetings.

Organize and maintain data collection and statistical analysis system for programs.

Function as a therapist for patient assessments and program implementation.

Assist with research activities and staff training. 

Calculate reliability coefficients and summarize reliability data of various direct observation data collection systems.

Statistical analysis including calculation of means, ranges and standard deviations; summarize data for patient behavioral protocols. 

Serve as back-up therapist; assist in preparing for and conduction pre-admission and follow-up assessments, baseline and treatment sessions and parent training sessions. 

Assist in the monitoring and adjustment of routine behavioral assessments and protocols. 

Assist in the purchase and maintenance of supplies necessary for implementation of behavioral protocols. 

Assist with the implementation of research protocols and maintenance of research literature and educational materials. 

Assist with the training of staff regarding data collection for assessments and treatment protocols. 

Utilize safe and appropriate handing, management and guidance procedures when transporting or working with patients. 

Participate appropriately in ongoing departmental and Institute meetings and training activities. 

Any other duties/responsibilities as assigned by supervisor.

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