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Behavior Analyst Supervisor II

Behavior Analyst Supervisor II


Master's degree in related field.

BCBA Certified


2-years experience working with the developmentally disabled or children with behavior disorders.


Theoretical understanding and philosophical appreciation for behavioral intervention in a clinical setting.


Oversee individual clinical teams for each child they are assigned.

Provide programming, design data collection, and conduct behavior analysis.

Train staff.

Develop Behavior Management Plans.

Develop and write quarterly reports.

Develop and write IFSP/IEP goals and objectives.  

Establish and maintain positive relations with family members.

Establish and maintain positive relations with school staff and IFSP/IEP team members.

Attend IFSP/IEP meetings.

Conduct initial evaluation/screenings, as required, for specific programs.

Assist in the development of individual treatment plans and ensuring that treatment procedures are carried out consistently.

Assist in the development of programs to establish alternative behaviors. 

Assist in the development of activities for individuals admitted to specific programs.

Monitor the implementation of program activities for patient, either home or clinic based at least 1 time per month.

Conduct training sessions on the implementation of treatment procedures for parents and/or caregivers.  

Provide consultation services to home/school. 

Maintain documentation (data, graphs), records and reports for active cases. 

Perform clinical duties as indicated for specific research projects.

Assist in the orientation of new staff/students to department procedures and data collection procedures. 

Participate in peer review and Institute multi-disciplinary activities.

Any other duties/responsibilities as assigned by Program Director.

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